Congrats Tokio!
Another series of BGT has come to a close, and Tokio Myers has come out on top, beating Issy Simpson and Daliso Chaponda to the top spot! A big thanks to everyone who's helped out on this wiki over this period, and I hope this place can stay active until next year! Is Tokio a worthy winner in your opinion though? Discuss in the Forum.

BGT changes lives.

This show has the power to change your life forever — all in a matter of seconds after you step out onto the stage. But you don't always have to win the contest to win a new life. Here are some of the most famous contestants to have appeared on BGT over the years. (Don't find the person you're looking for? Explore our database a bit more deeply.
Attraction Richard Jones Jack Carroll Diversity
Attraction Richard Jones Jack Carroll Diversity
Tokio Myers
George Sampson Signature
Collabro Tokio Myers George Sampson Signature

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